Local chapter of
Lewis & Clark granted
affiliation with National
Lewis & Clark Foundation

August 2, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation announced the affiliation of the Blackfoot River Chapter

The headquarters of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation recently announced the Blackfoot River Chapter is recognized as an entity of the national organization.

Each Chapter is a separate and distinct entity, but all chapters share a common bond with the Foundationan interest in the Lewis ad Clark Expedition.

The purpose of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation and its Chapters is to stimulate public interest in the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the contributions to American history made by the Expedition members, and events of time and place concerning the Expedition which are of historical importance to our nation.

The local Chapter will specialize in the "River of the Road to the Buffalo" portion of the return leg of the trip in western Montana from Bonner to Lewis & Clark Pass northeast of Lincoln. They will encourage local interest in following the tracks of Lewis and Clark and similar cultural trails and events.

As stewards of the trail the Chapter will monitor the condition and alert the National Foundation to situations affecting trail-related sites or facilities in the Blackfoot River corridor.

With the bicentennial of the Corps of Discovery approaching, members of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation and its local chapters will be local contacts for that event. Although Captain Lewis missed the Seeley-Swan valley, tourists following the trail are not likely to.

Officers are: President Al Cluck, Vice Pres Addrien Marx, Secretary Marilyn Peterson, Treasurer Pauline Kvamme, and Program Director Elva Cox.

Blackfoot River Chapter membership is open to the general public. The Blackfoot Chapter holds regular meetings, usually the third Thursday of the month, at special locations in the community. Programs and activities include: medical aspects of the expedition, expeditions to archaeological sites, music on the expedition, field trips to follow the The River of the Road to the Buffalo, and educational programs for local residents. The next event will be a guided tour to Lewis and Clark Pass northeast of Lincoln.

For more information see http://blackfootlctrail.homestead.com