Lewis & Clark troupe in
two performances here

February 8, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Ron Ukrainetz and fellow members of the Lewis & Clark Honor Guard troupe from Great Falls will give two presentations in Seeley Lake on Thursday, February 15th. They will be at the Seeley Lake Elementary School at l p.m. (adults are also welcome), and at 7 p.m. they will be at the Emily A Bed & Breakfast. This group is being sponsored by the local Blackfoot River Chapter of the Lewis & Clark Heritage Foundation. The evening meeting is free and open to all those interested. There will be an opportunity to make donations at the door to help in covering the group's travel expenses.

This Honor Guard was formed in 1985 and has performed throughout the state. They appeared in the Ken Burns PBS series on Lewis & Clark, as well as a BBC production. The members are all volunteers, and during 2000, they gave seventy four presentations, ranging from period-correct flag raising ceremonies, to week-long 'living history 'encampments. During 200l they will be assisting communities in Montana, Idaho and Washington establish similar groups, in preparation for the Bicentennial celebration of the Corps of Discovery Expedition.

The Guard members wear period-correct clothing and are each capable of portraying two people from the Expedition. They have done extensive research on specific areas along the Lewis & Clark Trail, including the Blackfoot River, where Lewis traveled on his return to the East.

In school presentations, they involve students when possible. At the evening gathering, they will use the Emily A as a backdrop for their historical enactment.

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