Cenex, MEC form new
company in joint venture

January 18, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Earlier this year Cenex Harvest States and Missoula Electric Cooperative began discussion to find out if together they would be able to better serve their customers. After many long hours of discussion between the two cooperatives, a decision was made. It was decided that a separate company focused exclusively on propane service would best be able to respond to the opportunities as well as the challenges of this rapidly changing market.

The Boards of Directors of both Cenex Harvest States and Missoula Electric Cooperative approved formation of a new propane company called Energy Partners, LLC. The new company will be jointly owned by the two cooperatives. Energy Partners, LLC will acquire the propane assets of Cenex Harvest States, Missoula Region, and will assume service to all Cenex propane customers beginning January 1, 2001. The new company office will be located in the Missoula Electric Cooperative building, 1700 West Broadway, Missoula.

The transition to the new company will bring changes, but they will be virtually unnoticeable by the customer. The propane deliveries will be made the same as they have been. You will still call your local Cenex to place your order and to have any questions you may have answered. The only immediate change will be in the billing. This will be in the introduction of a new monthly statement for your propane that will be much easier to understand than the current format. This will, however, mean that if you patronize Cenex for more than just propane, you will receive two bills.

Both Cenex Harvest States and Missoula Electric Cooperative want to make the transition smooth for all of their customers and would be more than happy to hear from you with both your concerns and to answer your questions. Energy Partners, LLC will allow the coops to combine their efforts in the continuing pursuit of bringing the best products and service to their customers who we know make our business what it is.

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