Kids spread Christmas Cheer
with another Gift To Businesses

Ashley Stout, left, and Andrea Esparza with banners
hey delivered to local businesses.


Teacher Sharon Teague paints Steven Pitman's hand, preparing it for a snowflake print. Sharon and Becky Gehrke coordinated the student project this year.
Alex McBroom making a banner at right.




Teacher Becky Gehrke helps Andrea Teague make a snowflake print on cloth.








January 4, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Photos by P. Swan Smith & G. Noland

Elementary 2000 Banners funded by
Liz Claiborne/Art Ortenberg Foundation

by Ivy Balcom

As most of you know, every year the elementary school does a Christmas project for the community. This year we made holiday banners for all the businesses. These are funded by the Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg Foundation.

We sang Christmas carols and wished everyone a Merry Christmas when we delivered the banners to each business.

If you are new to the Seeley area, you may have seen some of the projects we have completed in the past two years. Our 4-foot plywood Christmas trees painted by the students could be seen all over town this year. Last year we made luminary candles.

The snowflakes on this year's banners were made with hand prints. Each of the 120 banners had three snowflakes. Each snowflake had six hand prints2,160 hand prints in all.

While we all worked on the banners, we would like to give a extra thanks to the following people:

Teresa Friede, Patti Bartlett-Dunlap, Pam Rose, Tanya Hals, Vicki Voghlin, Joy Clemmens, Bill Hyde, Marlene Bartlett, Michaela Dunlap, Sharon Teague, Donna Love, Judy Peasley, Raeann Henrekin, Cheri Thompson, Debbi Dupree and Becky Gehrke who worked with the students and/or cut and sewed the banners. Several high school students also helped with sewing as well. Bud Johnson of Timberline Building Material cut the dowling for us.

Cody Bartlett, Joel Cahoon, Beau Maciag, Tatum Hoehn, Jenn Moderie, Karen Gehrke and Ivy Balcom who helped with set up and clean up during the project and/or writing "2000" on the banners.

And a special thanks to Liz Claiborne and Art Ortenberg for making it all possible.

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