Outreach Program on Track

by Karen Lyncoln
For the Pathfinder
January 18, 2001

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

"It's been exciting to see this program come together," said Bill Hyde, Superintendent of the Seeley Lake Elementary School. Hyde briefed School Board members at their meeting on Tuesday, January 9th on the progress of the Community Outreach Partnership, a program designed to help residents find work and social services. The school has four computers with direct Internet connections to the Missoula office of the Montana Job Service so that residents can look for jobs or write resumes. The computers are available each day after 11:30 am, and residents are asked to check in at the front desk in order to use the computers.

In other business, the Board reviewed two new policies for the second time. The first, Policy #4118, defines the relationship between school administrators and law enforcement agencies: All contact between law enforcement officials and Seeley Lake Elementary School students shall be made through administrative personnel. Law enforcement officials will be encouraged to talk to the student(s) away from the school and before or after school hours. Law enforcement authorities will only be allowed to conduct an interview in the school if they can show school administrators that special circumstances exist or if the interview is at the request of the school.

The second, Policy#6002, addresses the acceptable uses of school property by the community and other non-commercial uses. The policy allows the use of school facilities by a commercial enterprise if approved by the Superintendent. The Board approved both policies.

The Board will begin contract negotiations with the teachers' union at a public meeting on January 31st at 4:00 pm at the school. Bart Peterson, Chairman of the Board, and Mark Williams, Board Member, will negotiate for the Board; Dave Spence and Lisa Pena will negotiate for the teachers.

Members of the Student Council introduced themselves to the Board and described their activities. Student Council officers include:

President: Jamie Adams

Vice-President: Molly Kenny

Secretaries: Jessa Linford and Katie Williams

Treasurers: Andrew Meissner and Erik Rose

Historian: Nicole Bostwick

7th Grade Rep: Niki Minjares

6th Grade Reps: Lindsey Richards and Megan Rose

5th Grade Reps: Ahkayneh Richardson, Alyssa Teafoe, and Ty Heaton

Multiage Reps: Holly Friede and Stephen Maciag.

Superintendent Hyde briefed the Board on a new art elective available to 7th and 8th graders. He also updated the Board on proposed action in the State Legislature concerning the potential financial impact of losing students because of the mill closure. He suggested that the Board rethink its budget process based on teachers' salaries, the staffing required for a decreasing student body, and the increasing cost of utilities and other facility expenses.

Tom Larson, Principal, reported to the Board that he is beginning teacher evaluations. Larson discussed the evaluation process with Board members and the Superintendent.

All of the members of the Board were present at the meeting. The next meeting is scheduled for February 13th at 6:00 pm in the Teachers' Conference Room.

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