Senator Max Baucus visits
Seeley Lake, lunch and tour
at Pyramid, Medical Center visit


Roger Johnson, left above, leading a tour of Pyramid Lumber Mountain Inc.'s sawmill and planer operation here for the benefit of Senator Max Baucus who was instrumental in securing federal guarantees of loans for the reorganization of Pyramid earlier this year.


While here last Wednesday, May 30, Baucus had lunch at Pyramid where he was thanked for helping secure federal guarantees of loans by Two Rivers Bank that were instrumental in Pyramid's financial reorganization. At the Medical Center he was thanked for his help in securing federal funds for construction last year of the new center.





Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus visits in the office at Pyramid before heading out on a plant tour with Pyramid President Roger Johnson (top photo)

Photos by Deborah Stack


Keith Peterson, right, greets Senator Max Baucus at the Seely Swan Medical Center. Peterson is a trustee of the center. At center is trustee Jack Copps. At center left is the center's comptroller, Marty Kux.



Boards are being graded and inspected on the planer line with Sen. Baucus and Pyramid's Roger Johnson looking on.


Seeley Swan Medical Center staff with Sen. Max Baucus:
from left: Bridget Metcalf, Cindy Gallea, Joan Dellwo,
Sen. Baucus, Ben Lindeman, Claudia Kent (supervisor)
and Cheryl Gehrke.



Marty Kux, Seeley Swan Medical Center accountant, thanks Sen. Max Baucus for his help in the construction of the new center. Looking on is Steve McNeese of St. Patrick's Hospital which operates the clinic through a subsidiary.


Seeley Swan Medical Center trustees, from left: Keigh Peterson,
Loren Rose, Steve McNeese, Marianne Judge, Sen. Baucus,
Jack Copps, Mary Ann Morin, Tim Love, Marty Kux.