Community Foundation
wraps up first year
with a gift of 80 acres
and $4,000 in grants


Land donars gifting 80 acres to the Community Foundation are, from left, Wes Wills, Wendy and Kevin Wetherell

Members of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation gathered last week to receive the deed to 80 acres of land. The land was gifted to the Foundation by Wes Wills, Kevin and Wendy Wetherell (center) shown handing the deed to Loren Rose, center right. Other Foudation board members are Stan Nicholson and Larry Marx (at left), Mark Young and Anita Richards (at right)

March 1, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

In its first year, the recently organized Seeley Lake Community Foundation (SLCF) raised over $15,000 for its permanent endowment fund, received a gift of 80 acres of land, and has assisted three local organizations obtain $4,200 in grants from its "parent" organization, the Montana Community Foundation (MCF). In 2001, the Foundation seeks to build its endowment fund to at least $30,000 and initiate a small grants program to support special projects of Seeley Lake.

The overall goal of the Foundation is to bring new resources to meet the charitable needs of Seeley Lake. It is doing that by building the permanent endowment and by raising funds, or assisting local organizations raise funds, for projects to benefit the community.

In 2000, the SLCF received gifts from 16 families and businesses. The SLCF wishes to thank the following donors:

1st Valley Bank, Loren and Pam Rose, Allegra Printing, Roveros, Jack and Donna Burgess, Gene and Carla Schade, Robert and Clara Bucklew, Kevin and Wendy Wetherell, Daniel T. Morgan, Carter and Judith Williams, Glen and Mary Ann Morin, Mark Williams, Stan and Colleen Nicholson, Wes Wills, Richards Logging Co., Dale Woolheiser

These gifts more than met the MCF challenge that the SLCF raise $7,500 in matching money to receive $2,500. During 2001, the SLCF must raise $9,525 in matching dollars to receive a $3,175 grant from the MCF. The foundation is also working to sell the land gift so the proceeds can be placed in the endowment.

What is the SLCF endowment? All contributions to the permanent endowment are held in perpetuity; the principal can not be spent. Only the earnings are distributed to support worthwhile projects and organizations; for example, via a small grants program that the Foundation intends to develop. The Fund is professionally managed as part of the MCF's pool of over $22 million.

The SLCF is a non-profit, charitable organization that allows special tax benefits for qualified gifts from individuals and businesses. For more information, call Stan Nicholson at 677 2517 or Loren Rose at 677 2187.

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