Proof of Catch...

February 15, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana



Phil Crist, owner of Dan's Discount, speared this 40-inch long pike in Seeley Lake on Feb. 27. Crist was spearing (pitchfork style) in an ice house and using whitefish decoys. One tyne was broke and another bent when Crist hauled in the 25-lb. fish. Outside temperature was 10 degrees below, and Crist likes to fish on cold days, figuring the fish move around more in the cold.









Gary Morrison of Frenchtown caught this 19 pound, 12 ounce 38-inch long Northern pike on Monday, Jan. 15, at Seeley Lake. Gary was using a smelt sail on a 40-lb. test line with a 30-pound steel leader. He said when he caught the fish, "That's the first fish I ever caught through the ice where the distance between the fish's eyes was as wide as the hole." Photo by Donna Love.







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