Local Grants awarded by
Community Foundation


Seeley Lake Superintendent Bill Hyde, left, and Bev Evans, music teacher, receive a grant check from Seeley Lake Comunity Foundation chairman Stan Nicholson.

Anne Marlatt, left, Seeley Swan YMCA director, is awarded grant funds by chairman Stan Nicholson.

G. Noland photos

March 15, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Loren Rose, President of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation (SLCF), announced that two local arts programs have received grants from the Steele Rease Fund, which is administered by the Montana Community Foundation (MCF) and grant supplements from the Five Valleys Committee of the MCF.


A $2000 grant and a $277 supplement grant were awarded to the elementary school's music department. Themoney will be used to purchase five instruments designed for the Orff approach to teaching music.

"The Orff approach infuses music classes with a spirit of cooperation and joy enabling student to experience music while developing a musical vocabulary and skills to create music." explained Bev Evans, music teacher.

The Seeley-Swan YMCA Outreach received a grant of $500 and a supplement of $233 which will help defray the cost of supplies for the Awesome Art Program.

"These grants enables us to offer a fun curriculum, including ceramics, at a price that is affordable to our Montana community," stated Anne Marlatt, YMCA Director.

These grants, together with the $1,200 received by the Historical Society in support of its Antique Road Show, bring the total support from the MCF to Seeley Lake organizations to $4,200.

The SLCF helped facilitate the grant process.

"I would like to thank Sally Johnson and Stan Nicholson from the SLCF for helping write the grant application." said Evans.

Local groups which would like assistancepreparing a grant applicatiion, especially to the MGF are invited to call Stan Nicholson 677 -2517.

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