A long, long Ways To Go!

March 15, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

One Man's Trek is
Another Man's Tea

Photo & Story
by Deborah Stack
For the Pathfinder

Young and strong minded Mr. Andrew Terrill from London, England stopped in Seeley Lake for three days' rest. This might not seem unusual. However, this man was cross-country skiing from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Starting from Jackson Hole on February 1st, it has taken him one month to reach us. His destination is Denali National Park in Alaska, which is another 3,000 miles and seven months. He carries with him a backpack that weighs between 65 and 75 pounds, not counting his skis. His backpack consists mostly of food, extra clothing, maps, a compass and other miscellaneous items. He travels with no cell phone or any equipment that might make the city traveler cringe. Mr. Terrill enjoys going off road and into the wilderness with only a topographical map to follow. In the month he has been traveling, he has only had to camp out ten days, mostly due to people he meets who open up their homes to him. Mr. Terrill has been impressed with the generosity people have shown him. "This makes the experience much more personal." When asked if he misses anything, his response is "music."

He seems content to travel and feel the mountains and countryside. When asked why he is undertaking such a trip, he reveals that the cause is to raise money for three charities, Shelter in the UK, The National Coalition for the Homeless in the US, and Raising the Roof in Canada.

This walking is nothing new for Mr. Terrill, who has been on other hikes, starting in 1988. One of his first hikes took him through the Swiss Alps starting in Vienna, Austria and walking his way down to the Mediterranean Sea in 1994. Then in 1998 he walked north, starting out in Calabria, in Southern Italy, ending up in Norway. That adventure took him eight months. He hopes to reach his current destination of Denali National Park by September if all goes well.

As for the background of this adventurous 31 year old, he grew up in the northwest section of London and is trained as a graphic designer and photographer. When asked how long he had been skiing, his response was "one month."

If you would like to walk with him, you can follow his travels on the Internet at his web site: www.radicalworldwide.com/rockies.

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