Fireman's Ball raises
needed funds and a little fun!

May 10, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Wolds's Valley Market Crew new Singing Sensation at Fireman's Ball.
Now during the Karaoke, there were comments made that some of the singers should definitely not quit their day jobs. Now we're not necessarily saying these are some of those people, but from left to right are Bruce Wold Scott Wahl, Pat middle name "from the" last name "Valley Market" also known as Pat Mitchell, Lynn Gumenberg, Kelli Wold and Sally Wahl.


Photos (more below)
by P. Swan Smith

The Fireman's Ball and Sock Hop was a great success thanks to all the merchants, residents and generous donations.

Besides the spectacular entertainment with the Temptations and Chubby Checker (Lip Syncs by Autumn Biggins, Katie Biggins, Danielle Drew, Sara Drew, Kala Johnson, Corbralee Ruth and Coralee Ruth), the Karaoke by Karen Englert and Sheri Brown was a great addition to the evening. (Although there were a few comments that most of the singers should keep their day jobs!)

The firefighters would like to thank everyone who donated and attended the ball. They also commented on how great it was to have an evening of fun that involved the whole family. While many of the grownups sang during the evening, the stars were definitely the kids.

Auctioneer Linda Weaver and her family filled the auction with a lot of entertainment and training for those who have not attended an auction before. (Example: Don't be waving your hands around unless you plan on buying!).

The volunteer firefighters appreciate all of those who helped make this a successful night. The proceeds from the evening will go toward keeping the firefighters trained as well as allowing the Fire Chief to purchase jackets and t-shirts to reward the firefighters for all the hours they donate for training, fire and vehicle accidents calls.


Karen Englert, left, and Sheri Brown, right, donated their time and equipment for the Karaoke, which was a smash hit with both kids and adults.

Most of the singers sang in pairs; from left to right Adam Contreras and Michael Biggins.

Two more stars from left to right, Ashley Wetherell and Amber Wahl.

Patty Dilree and her daughter
Haley were a favorite!

Auctioneer Linda Weaver and her family donated their time for the Fireman's Ball. On her left is her husband Don, and right is her son-in-law Tim Willis. Not pictured are Riley Hensley and Michelle Willis.

Firefighter Dennis Stratton with his wife Sue and youngest son Jacob. Dennis also sang "Born to be Wild" with his oldest son Ben. The firefighters now call him Denny K. The "K" stands for Karaoke-man.

Left to right Heather Friede and
Gina Clark entertained the crowd several times. Mr. Friede, mums the word.