Seeley Lake Refuse District
Drops Rates For 2002 & 2003

May 10, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

The Seeley Lake Board has reviewed the budget and needs of the district and is proud to announce that the rates for the years 2002 and 2003 will be reduced for the first unit billed.

This is the third drop in rates since the District started in 1994. The first unit was billed at $148. The District dropped the rates to $126 to $90, and now the rate for the first unit will be $70 for full-time Seeley residents and $35 for part-time Seeley residents.

Condon full-time residents will drop from $100 to $80 for the first unit and part-time Condon residents from $50 to $40 for the first unit. Condon users pay an additional $10 per year because they are not in the district and the billing has to be generated out of the Seeley office, while Seeley residents are billed on their tax bill.

Any business or individual requiring additional units for the year will continue to be billed $90 for the second and all additional units for that year.

The District is looking into ways of improving the site as well as reducing the costs to the taxpayers. If the District is able to continue the decreased rate after 2003, it will. There will be a public meeting about the rate reduction on May 29th at the Seeley Lake Community Hall at 7 p.m. After the public meeting, the resolution will be sent to the County Commissioners for another public meeting and adoption of the resolution.

Board members at this time are: Paul Torok, Chairman; Byrl Thompson, Vice-chair; Mark Mizner-Welch, Secretary; Bill Englert and Jeanne Sticht

Site hours for the summer are: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Have a great summer.