Eighth grade students
ring bells to mourn loss

Top row
- Levi Kelley, Mike Stewart, Andrew Meissner. Bottom row - Laura Love,
Niki Minjares, Katie Williams, Lindsay Newell, Kessa Linford, Erik Rose,
Logan Swanson, Chris Esparza, Daniel Wisner,

September 27, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Ringing For Freedom


by Niki Minjares and Katie Williams


On Friday, September 14th, 12 eighth grade students at Seeley Lake Elementary rang bells at twelve o'clock in front of the U.S. flag to show respect to the victims and to the victims' families of the Tuesday, September 11 tragedy.

Students interviewed explained what they felt about all this chaos and why they rang the bells.

"It scared us and made us all aware of the dangers. Let's hope we can prevent any more massacres." - Laura Love, 13

"Acts like bell ringing bring our country together for a common goal and when the whole nation participates in these acts, it will show that they can do things like killing many of innocent people and taking away buildings and money, but they can never take away our freedom." - Jessa Linford, 13

"They must not have liked what we were doing or maybe not have liked what we weren't doing, or maybe they're just insane." - Levi Kelley, 13

"I feel more patriotic now because I see how great a nation I live in and how well we are handling it all." - Mike Stewart, 14

"When ringing the bells I was mostly thinking about the loved ones who were lost and about the people who lost them." - Lindsay Newell, 13

"I did it to pay respect to the victims in the tragedies." - Erik Rose, 14

"I did it out of respect and that's all." - Logan Swanson, 14

"I did it for remembrance and because it was a national day." - Daniel Wisner, 14

"It just felt like the right thing to do." - Chris Esparza, 14

"The second I heard about it I knew it was terrorism. I also knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. I just didn't expect it to happen so soon, so it kind of caught me off guard like it did to many other people." - Katie Williams, 13

"I did it to pay respect to the people who were lost, to the firefighters who died, are injured, to the ones who fought, and the ones who are still fighting, to all the people who are trying to help get it under control." - Niki Minjares, 13

"It is very special when the younger generation does stuff like this, because it proves that they understand what our country means to us. They showed patriotism at a young age." - Mrs. Gehrke, teacher at Seeley Lake Elementary

There you have it. Even the younger generation is affected by this, even in a small town miles away from the scenes.