Local 4-H kids shine at
Missoula County Fair

September 13, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Proudly displaying quilts they made for the fair are, from left, Dana Friede, Holly Friede,
Betsy Malecha, Megan Rose, Michaela Dunlap. G. Noland photo

Cotton Dunlap with his trap display. Furnished photo

Jessa Linford and her horse.



Erik Rose with his Reserve Grand Champion for Market Hog.
Furnished photo


4-H'ers, from left, back: Michael Caroline, Ryan Nickol, Colton Dunlap, Jessa
Linford, Andrew Rose, Erik Rose. Front: Bogie, Ashley Wetherell, Erin Demerle,
Charcoal. G. Noland photo


Megan Rose with her blue ribbon
Market Lamb. Furnished photo

Ryan Nichol with his ribbon-winning market beef. Furnished photo

From left: Ashley Wetherell, Erin Demerle, and
Michael Carolines. Furnished photo


The Trailblazers 4-H Club did a wonderful job at the Western Montana Fair, held in Missoula in August. Fair results are as follows:

Michael Caroline - White ribbon for Novice Showmanship; White ribbon for novice obedience; best job of going through the tunnel in Dog Agility.

Erin Demerle - Blue ribbon for Dog Obedience; Red ribbon for Dog Showmanship; Purple ribbon for Dog Interview

Colton Dunlap - Purple ribbon for Archery Exhibit; Best shooting sports exhibit; Purple ribbon for Furbearers' Exhibit; Superintendent's Award for Trapping Display; Purple ribbon for Market Hog; First in class for Market Hog; Second in class for Hog Junior Showmanship; Third overall for Market Hog; Third in Junior Livestock Judging

Michaela Dunlap - 4 Purple ribbons in Quilting; Second place overall Quilting award; 2 Purple ribbons in Cake Decorating; Best use of a charater pan; Second place overall Cake Decorating Award; Blue ribbon for Market Lamb; Blue ribbon for Lamb Showmanship

Holly Friede - 2 Purple ribbons in Quilting; Purple ribbon for Quilt Interview; Blue ribbon for Lamb Notebook

Dana Friede - 3 Purple ribbons for Quilting; Purple ribbon for Quilt Interview

Jessa Linford - Purple ribbon for Horsemanship; White ribbon for Horse Showmanship

Betsy Malecha - 2 Purple ribbons for Quilting; Purple ribbon for Quilt Interview; Outstanding Quilting Award

Ryan Nichol - Purple ribbon for Beef Showmanship; Blue ribbon for Market Beef; Second Overall for Beef Weight Gain

Andrew Rose - Purple ribbon for Hog Showmanship; Purple ribbon for Market Hog

Erik Rose - Reserve Grand Champion for Market Hog; Second Place for Senior Showmanship

Megan Rose - Purple ribbon for Horsemanship; Blue ribbon for Horse Showmanship; Blue ribbon for Market Lamb; Blue ribbon for Lamb Showmanship; Purple ribbon for Quilt Interview; 4 Purple ribbons for Quilting; First Place Quilting Award

Ashley Wetherell - Blue ribbon for Dog Showmanship; Blue ribbon for Dog Interview; Second Place Overall for Sub-Novice Dog Obedience

Also in the 4-H Trailblazers but not pictured are Toby Kittrell, Gina Clark and Emily Siloti.