New principal at SSHS
notes students' work ethic

September 6, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Anthony "Tony" Gallegos and his wife, Marva, look forward to his new position as principal at SSHS. Marva teaches second grade at a Missoula school.

by Patricia Swan Smith
for the Pathfinder

The Seeley Swan High School students have a new principal this year; Anthony Gallegos transferred from Missoula to take the position.

Originally from Butte, he moved to Missoula and taught 8th grade English for 27 years at Dickinson and Meadow Hills. The past four years he was Dean of Students at Sentinel. He said he feels he has an advantage to knowing what is available to the high school since he knows the Missoula school system and many of those employed with the district.

Gallegos spent the summer at the high school getting ready for the school year, and he was able to see some of the wonderful work ethic many of the students have while they were painting the school hallways and classrooms.

"They really did a great job," he said. "I'm impressed with the work ethic these kids have."

Gallegos has several goals for his first year here. One of those goals includes seeing that students have a good time while they are learning.

"Getting involved with other things other than academics in a clean and respectful level is a good for students," he said. "I'd like to expand the activities for the students who have to ride the bus and are not in sports after school."

He said there have been some changes and additions to the high school conduct and attendance procedures and regulations and he urges students and parents to read the brochure given to each student.

There are important changes or additions to the following policies: "Attendance Policy", "Make-up Work", "Public Display of Affection" "Parking" and the "Dress Code". The procedure hand-out is available at the office if you have any questions.

He stresses the need for respect for both students and staff and he said that the school would take action when it comes to hazing, bullying, teasing, discrimination, intimidation and harassment.

"If a student is having a problem, we want them to come and fill out a form," he said. "This is a school problem too."

Another change is the lunch period for full weeks. When school is in session a full 5 days, the students will have a full hour for lunch. Juniors and seniors take lunch and then the freshman and sophomores go to lunch. He said that this would continue unless it is abused and/or there are complaints by the community. In the past the students had only one-half hour for lunches.

Gallegos and his wife, Marva, have three grown children and one grandson. He enjoys hunting, fishing and hiking. He also buys and sells antiques as well as appraises them. His wife teaches 2nd grade in Missoula.

He said he has been impressed with the students at the high school and looks forward to his job in the coming years.