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Fisheries Division honors
Seeley Lake's Dan Cainan
for 35 years volunteer service

Jim Crepeau, representing the Fisheries Division of Montana Deparment of
Fish, Wildlife & Parks, presents Seeley Lake's Dan Cainan with an art print
of a Rainbow Trout and a letter from the Department naming Cainan the
Outstanding Volunteer of 1997 in recognition of 35 years volunteer service.

Jim Crepeau presents Dan Cainan with a framed print of a rainbow trout.
File photo of Dan planting fish in Oct. 1988 at Harper's Lake.
G. Noland photo

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
April 23, 1998

Dear Dan Cainan,

At the Fisheries Division's Annual meeting earlier this year you were nominated by Jim Crepeau, Manager of the Jocko River Trout Hatchery, to receive the 1997 Fisheries Division's Outstanding Volunteer Award. It is with pleasure and admiration that the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks Fisheries Division awards to you, Dan Cainan, the 1997 Fisheries Division Outstanding Volunteer Award. You have been selected to receive this Award because of the outstanding volunteer assistance you have given the department over the past 35 years. While we have many volunteers across the state, rarely do we find someone who has spent a lifetime volunteering to assist the department at the level you have over the years.

When Jim Crepeau first came to the Jocko River Trout hatchery and asked for assistance in distributing fish in the Seeley Swan area, he was told to contact Dan Cainan because you would coordinate everything necessary to complete the plants. According to Jim, you have never missed organizing a fish plant. This averages nine fish plants per year for 35 years, or 315 different fish plants to date. That is quite an impressive record, and certainly worthy of our Outstanding Volunteer Award several times over. According to Jim, during the winter plants you have the roads plowed, snow trails shoveled, holes cut in the ice, and a crew in place to help move fish. This is a tremendous undertaking when you consider moving 1,200 pounds of retired rainbow brood stock, sometimes in severe winter weather. When a fish plant is completed you always invite everyone involved to enjoy a meal at the local cafe. Your care and love of the outdoors shows constantly in your conversation and the extra effort you exhibit when asked to help. Volunteers like you are invaluable to maintaining the fisheries and sport of fishing in Montana.

Dan, we are proud to have you as a department volunteer and honored to recognize you as our 1997 Outstanding Volunteer. The Fish, Wildlife and Parks department and the sportsmen of Montana owe you a debt of gratitude for your lifetime of effort to improve the fisheries resources of this great state. The resource and Montana are grateful and fortunate to have you as a friend. Thanks, Dan for everything you have done.

Larry Peterman, Administrator
Fisheries Division
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks
Helena, Montana

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Seeley Swan to Welcome

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