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Brandy Lewis attending school
in Brazil as an Exchange student

Brandy's host family: Rodrigo Pereira, Andrea, Thereza and Luciano. Luciano spent his junior year of high school in Los Angles as an exchange student, so he is familiar with some of the American ways as well as familiar with the experience of being a stranger in another country. Photo of Brandy Lewis inset above.

by Patricia Swan Smith
For the Pathfinder
August 13, 1998

Brandy Lewis left for Vitoria, Brazil on July 23rd to attend her junior year as an exchange student. She started school August 3rd, and will be there until May 20, 1999.

Vitoria is an island about 200 miles north of Rio de Janeiro, and it is the capital of the State of Espirito Santo. The population is 265,874.

Her host family comes complete with a dad, mom, brother and sister. Portuguese is the native language. Lewis has had one year of Spanish, but does not speak Portuguese. Although Brandy does have some luck on her side the movies at the theaters are played in English and dubbed in Portuguese.

Her host brother spent last year in Los Angeles as an exchange student so he not only knows English, he also knows what it's like to be a stranger in another country.

Brandy said she met a girl at school who speaks English very well and they are friends. She starts school at 7 a.m., and said that "school was actually really fun."

Brandy's mother, Cindy Lewis, said that Brandy wanted to travel and find out how other people live, so she decided to be an exchange student.

Lewis had to have a 3 point GPA to be eligible for the World Experience Teenage Student Exchange program. The cost was $3,500. If you are interested in being an exchange student, local resident Cheri Thompson is a coordinator for the program which is based in California.

If you would like to write to Brandy, her address is: Brandy Lewis, c/o Rodrigo Pereira, Rua Coronel Gastao Franco Americano, n° 241, Mata da Praia-CEP 29065-090, Vitoria, ES-Brasil. Email Address: or

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