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Governor Honors Cliff Nelson

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
August 6, 1998

To The Editor,

On July 6, 1998, Governor Marc Racicot presented the family of Cliff Nelson with the following citation. The citation was presented to Mr. Nelson's family, who were in Montana for the Clifford Nelson Junior High School dedication by the Governor, in his formal receiving room in the State Capitol.

Governor Racicot met with the family and friends who attended the ceremony, read the citation and presented the beautifully framed document, signed and sealed by Governor Racicot, to Cliff's family. Governor Racicot then posed with Cliff's family and his friends for photographs.

It was a wonderful presentation to honor our friend Cliff Nelson and Governor Racicot was very charming and gracious. Cliff would have been proud and honored - and his cheeks would have had that blush!!


Submitted in honor of Cliff,

Cyd Kats
Seeley Lake



This citation is awarded to
Clifford L. Nelson
1947 - 1996


Clifford L. Nelson was an outstanding educator and mentor of children and youth in Montana for over twenty years. He is hereby commended and recognized for the inspiring example that he long provided for Montana's young people.

The state of Montana wishes to thank Clifford L. Nelson for his commitment to the educational excellence of Montana children and youth. He provided a positive role model and his impact upon students was considerable throughout his distinguished career. Clifford L. Nelson generated through his efforts the ability to create outstanding citizens and fully educated adults from seemingly ordinary students. He usually accomplished the goal of educating all children to the limits of their potential. Indeed, he gave his total mind, soul and life to that objective.

Clifford L. Nelson's untiring and total dedication, sacrifice, and public service epitomizes what an educator and leader should be. The state of Montana and its citizens salutes Clifford L. Nelson, and officially observes that Montana is a better place because of his contributions to the children and youth of the "Big Sky."

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