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Salmon Lake developers
explain subdivision plans

by Karen Lyncoln
For the Pathfinder
December 25, 1997


"We're proposing a small sub-division and we'd like your input and suggestions," said Frank Netherton as he addressed the Seeley Lake Community Council at its December 15 meeting. The proposed development is outside the Seeley Lake Planning Area, but Netherton wanted to get the Council's input and suggestions during the planning stages.

The subdivision he and Dick Lewis are developing includes 50 acres on the Clearwater River below Salmon Lake. Preliminary plans reviewed at the meeting include 15 lots varying from 2 to 2 1/2 acres and 21 acres of common area. Netherton summarized the proposed restrictive covenants as being strict with regard to appearance of structures and protection of wildlife and water quality resources. He also said the subdivision is designed for the high income end of the recreation home market and that no commercial or industrial uses, including gravel mining, will be allowed.

Netherton indicated he will bring the proposal back to the Council when it is finalized and will ask for a letter of support from the Council when the plan is ready for Missoula County Planning Board re-view and recommendation in the spring.

In other business, the Council reviewed letters from the Seeley Lake Water District and the Seeley Lake Rural Fire District concerning snow removal from area fire hydrants. Kevin Wetherell, Council member, summed up the contents of the let-ters by stating it appeared that no agency is legally responsible for snow removal around fire hydrants in Seeley Lake or in other unincorpo-rated areas in the state. Wetherell moved that the Council draft a letter to Doug Mood to ask that the state look into this matter and draft new legislation, if necessary. After Council agreement, Wetherell agreed to draft the letter for Council review and approval at the next meeting.

Zoe Mohesky, Missoula County Rural Planner, introduced Jennifer Goldman, who will be helping Mohesky finalize the Comprehensive Plan Amendment. Coun-cil members discussed several sections of the draft plan and agreed to hold another planning session on Saturday, January 3, 1998, in order to complete the elements that have been drafted.

Paul Conn, Council member, discussed the upcoming elections to the Community Council and encouraged residents to apply. He also presented the Council with a Community Council calendar that lists the major decision points for each month, including when the budget is due and when road improvement projects need to be submitted to the County.

Members attending the meeting included Paul Conn, Anita Richards, Dave Spence, and Kevin Wetherell. The next Community Council meeting will be on January 19, 1998, at the Seeley Lake Fire Hall.

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