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She'll Steal Your Heart!

From the Pathfinder, July 4, 1996

Photos by Gary Noland, editor

This days-old baby fawn last its mother to a car collision on Highway 83 near the Double Arrow Golf Course a week ago.

Seeley lake Game Warden, Bill Koppen (pictured above) said a couple reported the fawn's situation after observing it overnight and noting the mother did not return.

"They did the right thing," he said, adding that one should wait awhile because a mother may be near. Once you start handling them, it's also awfully easy to bond with them, Koppen cautioned as he bottle-fed the baby with obvious pleasure.

Also bonding with the little fawn was the Koppen's huge, white dog, Polar Bear.

The fawn will be taken to Helena, Montana, to a Fish, Wildlife & Parks facility for holding young, wild animals until they can be returned to the wilds.