"My Pal Peggy" Puppets to
Perform at Seeley Lake Library

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
February 12, 1998

"Roar! I said, Roar!" Manfred P. Lion is clearing the puppet stage forest so he can get a good nap, but soon Mama Mouse comes searching for food for her twenty children and wakes him up. Laughter and a few tense moments follow as Peggy Mein holtz presents her version of Aesop's Lion & the Mouse.

Peggy Meinholtz of "My Pal Peggy" Puppets has been performing puppet shows in western Montana for over 21 years. In that time, her shows have be come more elaborate with lighting effects, recorded music, and more complicated scripts and scenery. Since her husband Rolly joined her in `94, new shows fill up the back of the pickup and take as long to set up as to perform. But her simple solo show Lion & the Mouse is still in the repertoire and still fits in small spaces and packs up small enough for Peggy to carry on her back as she did when she first toured it from Missoula school to Missoula school on the city bus. So Peggy is donating an L&M performance to the Seeley Lake Branch Library.

Peggy first performed L&M with a partner as part of Patchwork Puppet Company's Missoula Puppets in the Parks in the late 70's. When Peggy began solo work in 1985, she built a new Manfred P. Lion and Mama Mouse and revised the show as a solo piece which she toured as part of her Young Audiences show. In the 90's it became part of the assembly which she uses to introduce her Montana Arts Council Artists in the Schools program. Manfred P. Lion and Mama Mouse have not only been all over Montana, but as far away as Seattle, where they did a show at the Seattle Center in 1986. They first got to know Seeley Lake when Sandy's Seeley Lake Pre-School and Day Care brought them up one summer.

Manfred and Mama will be joined by another favorite, Gator Gourmet, as Peggy Meinholtz performs Lion & the Mouse for the Seeley Lake Branch Library story hour at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 21.

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