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Seeley Swan Girls
Win Hoopfest Championship

Champions! Spokane's Hoopfest winners from Seeley-Swan High School are, from left: Shyanne Feucht, Becky Kyle, Annaliese Pena, and Deborah Cahoon.

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
July 9, 1998

On June 29 and 30 in Spokane, Washington, four Seeley-Swan girls played in the world's largest 3 on 3 tournament. There were 4,750 teams and 18,800 players. It was back to back basketball courts filling six square city blocks in downtown Spokane. Thousands of people crowded into the streets to watch and cheer.

Seniors Becky Kyle and Annaliese Pena were joined by Deborah Cahoon (junior) and Shyanne Feucht (sophomore) to create a team that played hard and fast. They were undefeated until the championship match. They lost that game and had to play the same team back to back.

The weather was hot on the city street courts. They dug deep into their hearts and played like the champs they are, beating the team and winning their division (High School Advanced - 6' and under). The girls were excited and exhausted. Their thoughts were:

Deborah: "It was a blast. We all worked really well together. I think it will help for the season."

Annaliese: "If you're looking for tough competition, this was definitely the thing to do. We had tons of fun and played awesome together."

Shyanne: "Winning the Hoopfest Championship was a very big accomplishment. It shows that we can play really well together. I'm looking forward to the regular season starting soon."

Becky: "This was the best weekend ever! Winning the Hoopfest Championship is a preview of what's yet to come. We play together really well as a team and I can't wait until regular season starts!"

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