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Condon O-Mok-See results

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
July 9, 1998

The Swan Valley 4th of July O-Mok-See drew dozens of participants from Condon, Swan Lake and Kalispell. High Point winners were Sidney Cummings (under 8); Bryce Freyholtz (8-11); Erika Styler (12-15); Pam Hamilton (women's) and Shawn Sorenson (men's). Overall High Point winner was Shawn Sorenson.

Results in each event follow:

Under 8 Keyhole race: 1st, Sidney Cummings; 2nd Jessie Kessler; 3rd Kara Love; 4th Kasia Love.

Under 8 Tomahawk. 1st, Sidney Cummings.

Under 8 Graudated Barrel & Stake: 1st Sidney Cummings; 2nd, Kara Love.

Under 8 Sack Race: 1st Jessie Kessler & Hannah Hart; 2nd Sidney Cummings & Kara Love.

Under 8 Barrels: 1st, Kara Love.

8-11 Keyhole: 1st Bryce Freyholtz; 2nd, Andrew Matthew; 3rd, Brianna Kessler; 4th, Jamie Halliday; 5th, Danielle Anderson.

8-11 Tomahawk: 1st, Jamie Halliday.

8-11 Graduated Barrel & Stake: 1st Danielle Anderson; 2nd, Bryce Freyholtz; 3rd, Brianna Kessler.

8-11 Sack Race: 1st, Andrew Matthew & Matt Schnable; 2nd, Bryce Freyholtz & Rion Nash; 3rd, Jamie Halliday & Jessie Nash; 4th, Danielle Anderson & Brianna Kessler.

8-11 Barrels: 1st Andrew Matthew; 2nd, Bryce Freyholtz; 3rd Danielle Anderson; 4th, Jamie Halliday; 5th, Christa Schlegel.

12-15 Keyhole: 1st Erika Styler; 2nd, Danielle Love; 3rd, Crystal Wood; 4th, Cole Sullivan; 5th, Jamie Polsen; 6th, Melanie Schlegel.

12-15 Tomahawk: 1st Shelina Meixner; 2nd, Danielle Love; 3rd, Brian Matthew.

12-15 Barrel & Stake: 1st Erika Styler; 2nd, Jamie Polsen; 3rd, Shelina Meixner.

12-15 Rescue Race: 1st Erika Styler & Crystal Wood; 2nd, Abbie Christianson & Renae Thornsberry; 3rd, Shelina Meixner & Blair Barthelmess; 4th, Cole Sullivan & Brian Matthew.

12-15 Barrels: 1st Crystal Wood; 2nd, Katie Matthew; 3rd, Abbie Christianson; 4th, Cole Sullivan; 5th, Jamie Polsen; 6th, Shelina Meixner.

Women Keyhole: 1st Jennie Moore; 2nd, Christie Dowdy; 3rd, Margo Hart; 4th, Kathy McKee; 5th, Ronda Feucht; 6th, Jessica Shoupe.

Women Tomahawk: 1st Kathy McKee; 2nd, Pam Hamilton; 3rd, Ronda Feucht; 4th, Jennie Moore; 5th, Lanette Conley; 6th, Chrissie Dowdy.

Women Barrel & Stake: 1st, Pam Hamilton; 2nd, Christie Bastron; 3rd, Margo Hart; 4th Sarah Wilkens; 5th, Jennie Moore; 6th, Ronda Feucht..

Men & Women Rescue Race: 1st Katie Matthew & Sarah Wilkens; 2nd, Jimmy Wood & Justin Taylor; 3rd, Christie Bastron & Shawn Sorenson; 4th, Trinity Hamilton & Pam Hamilton; 5th, Jennie Moore & Jessica Shoupe.

Women's Barrels: 1st Sarah Wilkens; 2nd, Christie Dowdy; 3rd, Karen Tucker; 4th, Pam Hamilton; 5th, Christie Bastron; 6th, Ronda Feucht.

Men Keyhole: 1st Tim McKee; 2nd, Shawn Sorenson; 3rd, Lawrence Tucker.

Men Tomahawk: 1st Lawrence Tucker; 2nd, Shawn Sorenson.

Men's Barrel & Stake: 1st Tim McKee; 2nd, Lawrence Tucker; 3rd, Shawn Sorenson.

Men's Barrels: 1st Tim McKee; 2nd, Shawn Sorenson; 3rd, Lawrence Tucker.

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