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Seeley Lake 4th of July
Parade Winners & Entries

The Bull is Back! Highlighting Seeley Lake's Fourth of July Parade was the return of the Clearwater Junction Bull with a new tail, restored just days before the parade by JAX Auto Body Shop in Missoula when owner Keith Koch heard about the vandalism and theft of the bull's tail earlier this spring from a Missoula radio station's campaign to find the bull's tail. The new tail is 7 feet long and was sporting a tail wrap in the parade. Riding on top of the Bull is Clearwater Convenience Store co-owner Rick Stone. The Bull will once again resume its landmark spot at the Junction of Highways 83 & 200, where visitors are told to turn north at the Bull to get to Seeley Lake.

Mike Lindemer, left, and Gerry Connell pause for a photo while working on mortar casings, riggin, and an electrical firing system for this year's fireworks. Connell has come up with a high-tech electrical firing system, wiring spark starters to each mortar. He can then fire the 150-plus mortars from a safe distance. This year's fireworks display on the lake will be several times bigger than in past years.

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
July 9, 1998

Scores of parade entries highlighted Seeley Lake's Fourth of July Celebration.

Judges were Jean Clancy, Louise Wilson and Dan and Ann Wood.

They awarded the following places in each category:

Antique Cars - 1st - Doug Winz 1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan; 2nd - Lindey's 1925 Model "T" Ford.

Classic Cars - 1st - Jim Bartlett's 1957 Chevy Pickup; 2nd - Sam Bolton's 1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 500.

Horses - Individual - 1st - Kristy Pohlman and Heather Richards.

Horses - Group - 1st - Clearwater Guest Ranch's Percherons; 2nd - Karl Tyler Towing.

Organizations/Clubs - 1st - Mission Bible Fellowship's Vacation Bible School; 2nd - Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

Businesses - 1st - Rovero's; 2nd - Culver-Hill Construction.

Children - 1st - Girl Scout Troop 255; 2nd - Heidi Cassidy.

A list of all the entries in the 1998 Parade follows:

Business: - Wold's Valley Market, Seeley Lake Fun Center, Stoney's Kwik-Stop, Wild Horse Saloon, Zip Beverage, Liberty Logging, Wapiti Resort, Chicken Coop & Lounge, Filling Station, First Valley Bank, Kurt's Polaris, Culver-Hill Construction, Rovero's.

Children: - Boy Scout and Cub Scout Color Guard, Amy Blekkenk, Eric Blekkenk, Kelly Darrow, Katja Cassidy, Adam Blekkenk, Kalah and LeAnna, Heidi Cassidy, Girl Scout Troop 255.

Horses - Individual: - Kristy Pohlman/Heather Richards.

Horses - Group: - Tyler Towing, Clearwater Guest Ranch.

Clubs/Organizations: - Seeley Lake Rural Fire District, VFW Post 7992, Western Montana Shrine Club Midget Patrol, Seeley Lake Chamber Bed Races, Seeley Area Relay for Life Team Members, Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Mission Bible Fellowship.

Classic Cars: - Seeley Lake Derby Team, Sam Bolton's 1959 Ford Fairlane Galaxie 500, Jim Bartlett's 1957 Chevy Pickup.

Antique Cars: - Bob Stine's Model A Ford and John Deere Tractor, Clade Bakker's 1930 Model A Roadster, Vicki Bartlett's 1931 Chevy Coupe, Wayne Sturm's 1930 Model A Ford Coupe, Terryl Bartlett's 1934 Ford Coupe, Marlene Bartlett's 1934 Ford Victoria, Buzz Bartlett's 1936 Chevy, Doug Winz's 1929 Ford Model A Tudor Sedan, Turtle Duck Lounge's 1948 Chevy Pickup, Lindey's 1925 Model T Ford.

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