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November 12, 1998

The reproduction above is from the first page of the multi-page Emily A. Bed & Breakfast site within the site. has been placed in the TOP TEN ONLINE BED & BREAKFAST sites by America's Best Online (

The Emily A. web site was created by Gary Noland, Seeley Swan Pathfinder publisher

If it's worth doing, maybe it's worth doing right!
How did it Happen for The Emily A., a premier Bed & Breakfast in Seeley Lake?

Step 1: In November, 1997, owner Marilyn Peterson called Gary at 677-2689 and asked about a web site for her business.

Step 2: Gary picked up photographs, brochures, letters and copy at The Emily A. a few days later.

Step 3: Some days later, Gary called Marilyn, told her to dial up the site on her computer, and then call him back at 677-2689.
Sometimes it's really not that hard to get it right!

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