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Western Family
in Viet Nam

X-From_: Wed Nov 4 21:42:59 1998
From: "Julius Sturm" <>
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Subject: On store shelves in Vietnam
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 1998 11:21:31 +0700
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To the editor:

It might not sound like very big news, but yesterday I found a box of "Western Family" graham crackers on the grocery store shelf. For me, "Western Family" is firmly connected in my mind with the Valley Market, even though I'm sure it's a brand sold all over the Western United States.

Green Giant, Kelloggs, Nabisco; you can find these anywhere. But "Western Family," well that's something from home. So maybe you can imagine my excitement, in a country where I can't even read most package labels, to find the friendly "Western Family" box sitting there on the shelf in the shop I frequent in Hanoi, Vietnam. "Oh my gosh, Western Family graham crackers," I yelled, much too loudly for being alone in a grocery store.

A woman nearby me asked in her Malaysian accent, "Western Family, is that a good brand?" "Not really." It's an inexpensive brand. Basic boxed food quality." I answered as I happily put the crackers in my basket. Americans are generally considered a bit strange around here anyway, so she probably didn't pay me much mind. But the price I paid for that one pound box of grahams? $5.15. Now that's crazy.

Hope all is well in Seeley Lake. Missing it terribly.


Carol Sturm

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
November 12, 1998

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