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More Charter member wanted

Seeley Lake
Historical Society Update

by Cindy Torok

There has been great response and support for the newly formed Seeley Lake Historical Society. There are at present 31 charter members, and if you would like to become a CHARTER member, the deadline is December 31, 1998. For those of you who have joined, membership cards and packets will be sent out soon. There is much to do with setting up an organization.

The board members consist of Addrien Marx, Director, Cindy Torok, President, Geri Netherton, Mary Lynne Jones, Rod Kvamme, Butch Townsend and Alan Matthews, preservation officer. The Articles of Incorporation have been written, approved and sent into the State of Montana for filing.

The mission statement of the Seeley Lake Historical Museum states that it is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing knowledge and understanding of the history of the Seeley Swan Valley. The vision is that the Seeley Lake Historical Museum will collect, preserve and interpret objects and materials related to the land, the natural resources, the people and the events that touch the Seeley-Swan Valley, as its resources permit. The museum collects, preserves and interprets objects from early Native American to the present in order to present a coherent and total picture. These objects and information materials are made available for study and enjoyment and do all in a pleasant, secure, safe and accessible setting. Portraying living history shall be an ongoing special function focus. Because of access and inherent interest in promotion of historical materials, the Seeley Lake Historical Museum may also assist valley schools and libraries in securing and displaying mobile and non-permanent displays to further the educator and understanding of historical topics in general.

The Seeley Lake Historical Society is a non-profit organization and will be working on the Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor Center. Mary Lynne Jones and Kim Bezanson recently volunteered and caulked the former C.B. Rich's barn, south of Seeley Lake, which will house the museum and visitor center.

Historical Society dues will be used for the purchase of archival supplies, display, lighting, etc. In the near future the Society plans to hold a workshop on cataloging and short introduction to conservation and preservation. Membership will receive a notice of the events.

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