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Scouts earn badges on
camping trip at Blanchard Lake

Canoeing on Blanchard Lake, from left, Levi Kelley, Willie Bernstrauch, and Mike Stewart.

by Mike Biggins

The local Webelos and Boy Scouts went on a camping trip recently to Blanchard Lake. While on this trip, the young Webelos met the requirements for their Outdoorsman activity badge.

The Boy Scouts helped the Webelos by teaching them how to build campfires and cook their meals over them. Del Whipple and Robert Kelley helped both groups of boys by putting on a knot tying demonstration.

The boys also sharpened their boat safety and canoe handling skills while on the trip. The three canoes brought on the trip spent most of the daylight hours in the water. Not a boat was ever tipped over.



A cold morning around the campfire, from left: Willie Bernstrauch, Mike Stewart, Steven Pitman, Phillip Bernard, and Bruce Davies.







Breaking down camp: Levi Kelley (foreground), Mike Stewart, Steven Pitman, Ben Straton, and Willie Bernstrauch.








KP duty after breakfast, from left: Mike Biggins, Steven Pitman, and James Kelley













Setting up camp: David Whipple.

Photos by
Mike Biggins







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