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The Bride Watches the Sky for the Arrival of the Groom!

The wedding of John Collins Mundy and Michelle Anne Farrelle, both of Spokane, came off without a hitch (thankfully) Saturday, July 27, 1996, at a field on Boy Scout Road northwest of Seeley Lake. The groom sky-dived from 10,000 feet above ground level to meet his bride and a party of 150 invited guests. The couple were married at the site by a justice of the peace. John Mundy, 33, is a professional sky diver and construction superintendent. Michelle Farrelle operates an art frame shop in Spokane with her father. She plans to make her first jump when she turns 30 later this year. Michelle is the granddaughter of Seeley Lake summer resident Margaret Farrelle.

Two jumpers, in addition to the groom, land while guests wait for the wedding to begin!

Both said, "I Do!"

Happy Landings, Michelle and John!